Paul Nye

Conversation between Paul and 3rd grade fan…

“As an elementary school teacher, I have given Paul an open invitation to perform in my classroom. He is funny, compassionate and loves to sing in front of people of all ages. He believes that his music should teach people to think, even elementary kids. I have copies of all of his CDs. To me, his lyrics are like finding a soul mate as they challenge me to become a better person as I ponder the possibilities.  Paul’s music is honest and true to himself. I’ve seen Paul perform not only in my classroom, but also in public venues. Paul is a showman on stage, understanding what a crowd needs and wants from his music. Our community appreciates the music of Paul Nye and I believe yours will too.”

Tim Slough

2nd grade elementary teacher

Walker Hackensack Akeley School

Walker, MN

“I love it when music for kids is music I can enjoy, too. Kids deserve quality music, quality musicians, and Paul’s album fits the bill. The more I listen, the more I like it.”

Diane Sauer, Community Education

Laporte Elementary School

“Paul is both thought-provoking and surprising.  Thought-provoking in the sense that his lyrics go beyond trite themes, and surprising in the sense that he rarely communicates truths the way you would 'expect' them to be said.  It's very unique.”

Scott Malchow

Record Producer

Minneapolis, MN

“Paul brings to his performances a varied music style and many years of professional showmanship. He can draw you in with an emotional and touching song, then set you laughing with one of his many clever and witty songs, and everything in between. There is a natural ease about his performance; he invites his audience into his music as if to say, "Here enjoy this song with me." Whether covering a song or performing one of his many originals, he brings a peculiar familiarity to each song. Paul is also very knowledgeable in the technical aspects of instrumentation and vocalization. Be assured, you will have the utmost in sound that he can provide, or adapt to whatever sound system is provided. His professionalism and experience has been and continues to be an asset to our theater.”

Mike Chase, Owner & Operator

Woodtick Musical Theater

Akeley, MN

"Paul Nye's album, Beaten Path, is a well-produced independent album that sets itself apart from other similar works, by taking an honest look at current life. Despite the inherent humor, there are some very wise messages lying within the tracks. The opening track, The Scotts I Know, is a great bit of word play and highlights one of the frustrations of today's rushed lifestyle. Why is There No Peace is a highly topical work and shows Paul's intuitive side at work. Among the tracks, you are sure to find at least one you can relate to, while enjoying and savouring the others. Paul Nye's Beaten Path CD is something to be cherished and replayed frequently. Miss out on this at your own risk!"

Tony Bates

Music Director

94.1 FM



3rd grader:  "Mr. Nye, my mom
has your CD."

Paul:  "Oh, that's cool!  I'll bet
she plays it every day."

3rd grader:  "No, it's in the junk drawer
in the kitchen."